Six Answers To This Vitally Important Question

In 1974, the government created ICBC – the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia – to make sure every driver in the province is protected by basic auto insurance. This not only protected the driver, it also protected passengers and the public. If anyone was injured in an accident, they could make a claim to ICBC to have medical expenses, loss of income and other financial impacts covered. Before ICBC, injured people could be holding the bag for all their expenses and losses if the driver at fault had no insurance…MORE


First published on Feb 17th, 2017. 

In 2016, DBM reached a milestone 40 years of practising law in the Tri-Cities area. We are very proud of our long history in this community, and we thank our many clients—our neighbours and our friends—who have supported us throughout these past four decades and on into the future.

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